Lockbox Services

Lockbox Services

Enjoy imaged checks and documents for efficient record keeping, while taking the legwork out of collecting your receivables with United Business Bank's Lockbox Services. Our Lockbox Services can streamline your accounting and accelerate the check posting process all at once.

We will image your checks during the posting process, as well as relevant data entry. We will even customize searches within your electronic files. You can view all your posted items conveniently and securely online.

Lockbox Service Basics:

  • Image checks and associated documents for more efficient bookkeeping
  • Collect large volumes of receivables with ease
  • Expedite the posting process
  • Perfect for Homeowners Associations and Property Management firms
  • View images 24/7
  • Customize searches within your electronic files
  • Browser based, no additional equipment required
  • It's convenient and secure