Asset-Based Line of Credit

Asset-Based Line of Credit

Use your inventory, or accounts receivable, to secure a Revolving Line of Credit with United Business Bank — an efficient alternative to a lump sum loan. With a line of credit your business only owes interest on what you actually borrow.

You determine your precise loan amount with each individual purchase — up to a pre-agreed credit limit. There's no need to re-apply to re-access funds. You can finance what you need to facilitate your growth right when you need it.

Asset-Based Line of Credit Basics:

  • Competitive rates on a revolving line of credit
  • Secured by either your inventory or accounts receivable
  • Pay interest only on what you spend
  • No interest owed on funds not dispersed
  • Monthly interest payments and borrowing base certificates
  • Renewed annually subject to credit approval
  • Account for cash flow fluctuations and other short-term needs
  • Local bay area business understanding and expertise
  • Local bay area commercial line of credit decisions
  • Enjoy practical, one-on-one personal service
  • Business Loan Application Package

Subject to credit approval.