Cash Management Services

Whether you want to enhance cash flow, maintain liquidity, or find new ways to streamline cash management, we offer a full range of innovative products and services to meet your needs. From management and reporting to collections and payments, United Business Bank lets you efficiently control your incoming and outgoing cash flows through an extensive range of electronic and paper-based services.

Our cash management professionals work closely with you to determine the solutions that best meet your specific business needs. In addition, all cash management tools are customized to individual businesses to provide the best service in the most effective manner.

ACH Origination (Automatic Clearing House Transactions) 

Through our United Business Bank online service, you will have access to ACH processing services, allowing you to electronically collect and disburse funds in a timely manner. ACH transactions include automatic and repetitive payment schedules such as direct payroll deposit, automatic collection for invoices, monthly dues and other recurring payments.

Important Information to ACH Origination Customers:

ACH transactions are required to be verified against the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list published on the U.S. Treasury's Official Website.  This link will take you away from United Business Bank and open a new window.  You are required to verify payments initiated on the online banking system in accordance with the OFAC laws and regulations.  For additional information regarding OFAC, please click the following link:  Office of Foreign Asset Control.  This link will take you away from United Business Bank and open a new window.

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ACH Positive Pay 

ACH Positive Pay provides protection against losses due to electronic transaction fraud. This service protects business customers who receive ACH debits and want to ensure that the originators are authorized to receive these funds. The Bank can set parameters to authorize some ACH debits to post to your account while excluding others, or set parameters to block all ACH debits from posting to your account.

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Automated Tax Payments 

Our automated system allows you to make federal, state, and local tax payments online.

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With our CD ROM service, you will get your bank records, including monthly checks and statements, on a CD ROM each month.

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Courier Services 

Time spent at the bank is time away from your business. At United Business Bank we can bring the bank to you through our courier services. Depending on your deposit type, our trusted vendors can safely and securely transfer funds between your location and our bank.

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Lockbox Services 

Our Lockbox services are the key to faster, more efficient processing of employer monthly contributions. United Business Bank can speed payment processing, translating into more readily accessible funds. Lockbox was designed to relieve you of the time consuming clerical tasks associated with accepting contributions.

We take care of the tasks of collecting the payments from the post office, scrutinizing, endorsing, and depositing your member's payments. Our employees and automated equipment have the ability to handle high volumes in a quick and efficient manner. These economies-of-scale work to your advantage, providing low-cost payment processing.

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Merchant Services 

Whether you accept payments at your location, on-line, via the mail, or over the phone, we can meet the needs of your business and your customers. Merchant Services provides the convenience of 24/7 processing for Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, ATM Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards, Check Conversions, and On-line Transactions.

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Payroll Services 

Now there is a simple, affordable way to prepare and issue your employee payroll. You can process your outgoing payroll directly to your employee's account from your desktop with United Business Bank's Online Banking ACH feature.

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Positive Pay 

Check fraud is an ongoing concern for businesses, which is why United Business Bank offers the Positive Pay fraud prevention system to our business customers. When you establish your Positive Pay system, you will be able to upload a list of all checks written on your account.

When a check presents for payment against your account, we will compare them to your list of checks. If we can not find the check on your list, we will notify you by email so you can make a decision about honoring the check.

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Remote Deposit Capture 

Our remote deposit capture system enables you to scan checks and deposit them directly into your accounts directly from your business location. You no longer need to drop off check deposits or work with a courier service by using the web-based check image capture, storage and processing solution to deposit paper checks electronically.

Advantages of Remote Deposit Capture

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Reverse Positive Pay 

Like Positive Pay, Reverse Positive Pay helps prevent check fraud. With this service, the Bank sends an automated check presentment file to you daily through our online banking system. You compare these items to your check issue file and make a pay/return decision online. Same benefits, different process.

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Online Wire services coming soon!.

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Zero Balance Accounts 

With a United Business Bank Zero Balance Account, you can transfer funds to and from a concentration account. You can control the disbursement of funds from a central pool, or move excess balances into one account.

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