Welcome Message

October 16, 2019


Welcome to United Business Bank!


We are very excited to be a part of your community and to have you as part of our family.   United Business Bank is a closely-knit organization, with a realization that clients deserve the opportunity to know the decision-makers and to have relationships with them.  It is truly our desire to continue the great service and community bank focus that has been provided to you in the past, and combined, we will have 32 locations to serve you.  Together with First State Bank of Colorado, our mutual goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for you, our client.

We are very excited to announce that Jeffrey Walker will be joining our team as the President of the Colorado Division, and together, we will be focused on continuing to provide the excellent client service to the markets that First State Bank of Colorado has been serving.  Here are some important details and dates to remember:  

  • Branch Locations. The current branch locations will remain the same, and the names and faces that you know and work with will also remain.
  • Deposit Cut-Off. Our Deposit Cut-off time will be extended to the end of each business day.  All deposits made prior to our closing time will be posted to your account that same business day.
  • Account Numbers. Your account number will remain the same, and you may continue to use your supply of checks.  On your next re-order, the name of United Business Bank will appear on the checks with our routing number of 1211-4378-1.
  • Account Fees/Features. All of your current banking account fees and features will remain the same.
  • Debit Card. If you have a Debit Card, you will receive a new debit card in the next couple of weeks.  This new debit card will be the only debit card available for use beginning on November 11th, however, until then, please continue using your old debit card, and please do not destroy your old card until November 11th.  You will need to activate your new card prior to using it for the first time and you will be able to select your own PIN during the activation process.  In order to activate this new card, you must call from a phone number associated with your account record, please confirm that First State Bank of Colorado has your most current phone number on file by checking online or by contacting your branch directly.  If you have used the old debit card number for recurring transactions, you will need to update that information with your new card number, expiration date and CCV code, located on the back of the card. 
  • ACH Transactions. If you have automatic ACH payments or direct deposits to/from your checking or savings accounts, your transactions will continue to be processed as they are today.  In the future, United Business Bank may begin notifying the senders of these transactions to change the routing number for future transactions, and this action might prompt the sender to reach out to you for approval on this change.  If they reach out to you for approval, the approval is for future transactions, however, the transaction that they are calling you about will post to your account.  All new ACH transactions that you set-up beginning Tuesday, November 12th will need to have our new routing number of 1211-4378-1.
  • Transfers and Loan Payments. If you have automatic transfers, including loan payments, initiated by First State Bank of Colorado, these will continue to be in place going forward.  If you have set-up automatic transfers and/or loan payments through First State Bank of Colorado’s Online Banking system, those instructions will transfer over during the conversion, however, we do recommend that you log in and confirm that they are still valid instructions.
  • Website. Beginning on Tuesday, October 21st, the First State Bank of Colorado website will change to unitedbusinessbank.com.  You will see a “First State Bank of Colorado” Client Login link on our home page, please click on that link to log in to the various First State Bank of Colorado systems until Tuesday November 12th, and then beginning on this date, you will click on the “United Business Bank” Client Login link for access to your accounts.
  • Online Banking. If you have access to Online Banking and Bill Payment, you will receive an email explaining the new features and login information for United Business Bank’s Online Banking System for use beginning on November 12th.  If you would like to ensure that we have your current email address on file, please call us at (866) 638-1705.  Unfortunately, previous transaction history and account statements will not be available through the new Online Banking system.  We recommend that you download and save your account statements and transaction history prior to November 7th.  After the conversion, requests for account statement copies must be made through one of our branch locations.
  • Remote Deposit Capture. If you are using First State Bank of Colorado’s Remote Deposit Capture system to make check deposits to your business accounts, you will be contacted by someone on our end to share with you the new link and login information for use beginning on Friday November 8th.  Your existing equipment is compatible with United Business Bank’s system, and the software will be the same that you are using today.
  • Mobile Banking. If you use Mobile Banking, you will need to login to the new Online Banking system first, and then you may download the United Business Bank Mobile App for use beginning on November 12th.  You will be asked to re-enroll and to answer some security questions to activate this free service. You may also begin using our Mobile Deposit on November 12th.
  • Telephone Banking. If you use Telephone Banking, you will continue to call the same number to access your account information, (800) 477-4772 or (970) 527-5700, however beginning on Sunday, November 10th, Telephone Banking will have a new format and you will need to follow the prompts to log-in for the first time.
  • If you have a checking, savings or money market account, you will receive a final statement with First State Bank of Colorado after close of business on November 7th and then, going forward, you will receive statements from United Business Bank at the end of each month.
  • Beginning on Friday, November 8th, incoming wires should be sent to United Business Bank with the routing number of 1211-4378-1 along with your existing account number.
  • For assistance, you may continue to contact your branch directly or by calling us at (866) 638-1705.

 Again, it is our pleasure to continue to serve you with the same great service that you have been accustomed to receiving in the past with First State Bank of Colorado.  We welcome you into our United Business Bank family, and we look forward to meeting you.  If you have any questions, you may contact your branch for assistance, or you may also reach out to Jeffrey Walker, President of First State Bank of Colorado at (303) 955-4495, Janet King, Sr. EVP/Chief Operating Officer at (925) 476-1817, or me at (925) 476-1810.  We are happy to assist in any way that we can.



George J. Guarini                                                                     Jeffrey A. Walker

Founder/President/Chief Executive Officer                                                       President
United Business Bank                                                                                       First State Bank of Colorado